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December 14, 2022

8 Ways To Be More Sustainable At Home

Author: Lance Wiggers

Are you hoping to make some planet-friendly changes to your home to live more sustainably? Or are you growing increasingly concerned with raising living costs and wanting to cut down your energy consumption (and energy costs!)?

Either way — you are in the right place. In recent years there has been growing awareness of cutting down on carbon emissions and considering sustainability when it comes to our day-to-day decisions. That’s something to celebrate, and our planet will thank us for these decisions. There are plenty of ways to incorporate sustainable living into your everyday decisions at home. So without further ado, let’s jump into our top 8 tips for sustainable living within your home.

Sustainability At Home

Install solar panels

Using solar energy allows you to power your home with a renewable energy source (hint: the sun). Solar energy is powered by the heat and light of the sun, a resource (unlike other energy providers) that is not at risk of running out. The sun’s power is both sustainable and free — as soon as you have the right system in place to take advantage of it. Using solar systems, you can convert the sun’s energy into electricity to power your home.

Investing in a solar system is a decision that will pay dividends with the savings you could pocket on energy bills. With the rising energy cost, there’s never been a better time for solar panel installation, for both your wallet and the planet.

If you’re solar-panel-curious and living from Mandurah to Perth, take a look at iBreeze’s solar panel options and let us help you to find the perfect solar option for your home.

Sustainability At Home By Installing Solar Panels

Adjust your air conditioner settings

Many people unnecessarily use way more power than they need because their air conditioners are set to the wrong settings during summer. When it’s hot, it’s natural to rush to the air conditioner, change the temperature to the coldest setting and turn it on full-blast. This, however, isn’t energy-efficient, and it actually causes your air conditioner to work harder. Instead, the wise move is to adjust your setting to a comfortable temperature (don’t worry, it will still cool down in no time, but your aircon won’t be overworked!). The best way to reduce running costs is to adjust the thermostat between 22 and 24 degrees. Check out our other air conditioner advice in our previous blog post, ‘7 Air Conditioning Tips for Summer: How to Reduce Costs and Keep Cool‘.

Install water-saving fixtures

Reducing your household’s water use is helpful for both reducing your water bills and having a more sustainable home. By installing water-efficient appliances and fixtures, you can help to reduce your water use (especially when combined with a conscious mindset towards water use). Most homes’ biggest users of water are washing machines, showers, taps and toilets. You can check the water rating on your washing machine and toilet before purchasing them to ensure they are water-efficient. You can easily replace your showerhead to lower the flow setting (some showerheads may even be adjustable, and you could make the change by simply adjusting the setting of your current showerhead!). When it comes to taps, you can buy low-flow fixtures.

Sustainability At Home By Installing Water Saving Fixtures


Most of us already recycle, but learning to recycle properly is crucial. Recycling rules vary not only across states and territories but even across council areas. To find out the curbside recycling rules for your council area, look it up online or contact your local council. Once you know the specific rules, it gets a little easier. From there, your family can become super-star recyclers. There are also speciality recycling centres where you can drop off any items that can’t go in your standard curbside recycling bin.

Sustainability At Home By Recycling


Composting is a convenient way to transform leftover or unused food into food for your garden! Whether you have plenty of room for an outside composting set-up or you live in an apartment and have to opt for a simple bench-top compost bin — composting is a viable option for everybody. There are plenty of options on the market that allow for the lid to be closed and all smells to stay inside the composting container.

Change your lightbulbs to be more energy efficient

Changing your lightbulbs to a more energy-saving option is a simple way to lower your carbon footprint and reduce your electricity bills. Energy-efficient light bulbs such as LEDs have been around for a while, but  many homes haven’t made the switch yet. With advancements in technology, energy-efficient light bulbs are just as effective as older light bulbs, plus they don’t need to be replaced as often as older light bulbs. Now that’s a win-win.
Sustanability At Home With LED Bulbs

Use planet-friendly cleaning products

Many standard household cleaners contain harmful chemicals for our planet (and possibly for us). Switching over to more green cleaning products is a simple and easy sustainable move. With increasing customer demand for more sustainable products, suppliers are catching up, and within your local supermarket, you will find more and more green options. Make sure to check out the ingredients list and make a choice that suits your home.

Consider your building materials if you are still building

If you are in the building stage of your home, you are one of the lucky ones! This means you can start from scratch, which is very difficult for those who move into a ready-made home. There are plenty of options to create a more sustainable home at the building stage. This includes proper insulation, choosing thicker curtains, using recycled metals and wood, installing energy-efficient windows, solar panels and, of course, including water-saving fixtures, as we touched on earlier.

Make a sustainable move with iBreeze

If you are ready to take the next step in living a sustainable life, then contact our friendly team at iBreeze to discuss which solar system will be best for your home and lifestyle. We will help you reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint while saving money in the long run — now that’s a sustainable choice in every sense.

Lance Wiggers
Lance Wiggers is the founder and managing director of iBreeze, having started the company back in 2016. His expertise spreads across air conditioning services, solar power and wood heating to provide customers with a more comfortable living or working space. Lance's tailored approach means he always chooses the solution best for your specific situation. You might have the pleasure of dealing with Lance as your first point of contact when you enquire with the iBreeze team!
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