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April 7, 2022

Warm Up in Style With a Gas Log Fireplace

Author: Lance Wiggers

If you love the atmosphere of a fireplace but don’t want to deal with the maintenance and clean up, a gas log fire could be the ideal solution. Not only do gas log fires offer the ambiance of a real fire, they’re also highly efficient at heating your home and very easy to operate and maintain.

Read on to find out what is a gas log fire – and whether it’s right for your home.

Warm Up With Gas Log Fire

What is a gas log fire?

A gas log fire is a type of space heater. It combines the ambiance and warmth of a traditional fireplace with the convenience and effectiveness of gas heating.

The logs in a gas fireplace are made from incombustible materials, which allows them to withstand the high temperatures. They are designed to mimic the appearance of real wood while not generating any smoke or ash.

How do gas log heaters work?

The gas vents of a gas log fireplace are covered by incombustible logs. Propane or natural gas is pumped through holes in the logs. When the gas is ignited, the flames burn on the surface of the logs, creating the appearance that the logs are burning.

Gas log heaters can be switched on and off immediately and require little maintenance or clean up. Most modern gas fires can be adjusted using a remote control, allowing you to change the intensity of the fire and temperature as needed.

What is gas log fire venting?

Traditional vented gas log fireplaces require a functional chimney to ensure all byproducts of the fire are safely removed from the house. This type of fireplace tends to have a realistic appearance, but is less effective at heating a space since some of the heat will escape through the chimney.

Many modern gas fireplaces rely on direct vent technology which draws air from the outside to provide oxygen for the fire. All of the combustion exhaust and byproducts are then expelled outside. This type of venting allows for highly efficient, effective and safe heating and it can be installed in many places throughout the home – not just where there is a chimney or existing fireplace.


Direct-Vented-Gasfire Place

Gas fire vs wood fire

If you love the atmosphere of a fireplace, you might be considering whether a gas log heater or a traditional wood fireplace is better for your home. Here are some factors to weigh up:


Gas log Vs Fire Wood Heater

Convenience and lifestyle

A traditional wood fireplace offers atmosphere and warmth, but is often a hassle to maintain and manage. Collecting or purchasing wood can be time consuming and expensive if wood is not readily available.

In comparison, gas fireplaces are convenient and easy to use – you simply turn them on and off at the flick of a switch. This makes them ideal for busy households and residential areas where there’s limited access to wood.

Ambiance and atmosphere

Many people are drawn to the beauty and ambiance of wood fireplaces. The distinct sounds and smells of a real wood fire can be very nostalgic.

Modern gas log heaters have come a long way. Designed to look and feel realistic, they are great at creating a warm and cosy atmosphere – perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and more.

Health and safety

Open fires pose a health and safety risk when not managed properly. Real wood fires can produce lots of smoke, fumes and sparks which can be dangerous with children or pets around.

On the other hand, gas log fireplaces have no smoke or toxic fumes. They often come with safety features such as a grill and automatic shut down systems in case something goes wrong.

Heating and temperature control

Traditional wood fires can provide heat if you are sitting close to them, but are not very effective at heating a large room or entire home. They tend to lose a lot of heat through the chimney, making them inefficient heaters.

Gas log fires are much more efficient at heating a space, especially if they are vent-free. You can even buy a ducted system which delivers the heat generated from the gas fire throughout all the rooms in your home.

While open fires can be unpredictable at times, gas heaters can be controlled precisely to adjust for temperature and flame height depending on your needs.

What’s the best gas log space heater in Australia?

Heating and cooling is one of the biggest household costs, so it pays to invest in an efficient system. At iBreeze, we stock Rinnai Gas Log Fires. They have an energy star rating of up to 5.5.


Rinnai Gas Log Fires-min

Reasons why our customers love Rinnai Gas Log Fires:

  • Revolutionary heat exchange system
  • High energy star rating of up to 5.5. stars
  • Powerful heating performance of up to 8.4kW* – effectively heating open plan spaces
  • Smartphone (iOS and Android) control – On and off function, thermostatic temperature control, flame height control and a programmable timer
  • Customise your fireplace model by choosing from either logs or pebbles
  • Wide range of sophisticated and elegant design options

*Space heating capabilities may vary depending on the house design, climate and heater model selected.

Can gas log heaters be used for central heating?


Gas Log Heaters For Central Heating

Although they are known for being great space heaters, gas heaters can also be used to heat the entire home when connected to a ducted heating system. Heat is taken from the fireplace and distributed through a ducting system by an inline duct fan.

When’s the best time to install a gas log fireplace?

Gas log heaters can be installed in new and existing homes any time of the year. We recommend having the installation complete before winter to ensure you can make the most of your heater during the cooler weather.

Read our tips to keep warm this winter to prepare for the colder months ahead.

Gas log fires installation Perth


Gas Log Fires Installation

Thinking of installing a gas log fire in your home? Speak with the team at iBreeze for expert advice and competitive pricing. We’re a local family-owned business specialising in gas log fires installation Perth to Mandurah and beyond.

We supply a wide range of gas fireplace options, including free standing, flat front, bay window and inbuilt gas log fires. If you’re not sure what is the best gas log fire option for your home, call us for an obligation-free consultation and quote. You can reach us on (08) 9534 9491.

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