Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning

Ducted Evaporative
Air Conditioning
Mandurah - Perth

iBreeze are the experts when it comes to selecting the best air conditioning unit for your home. For entire home cooling, we recommend a range of brands that are proudly Australian-made for home evaporative air conditioning. A couple of names that have been filling homes all throughout Australia with quality air con is Braemar and Coolair.

The decision shouldn’t weigh you down. That’s where we come into the picture. We have the experience to confidently design and recommend the best brands and models, so you get the most out of your long-term investment.

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Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning Mandurah

How do ducted evaporative
air conditioning systems work?

Ducted evaporative units consist of a central cooling unit, which is installed on top of the roof and connected to a system of ducts via a dropper. Ducted air conditioning is an excellent choice for in-home air conditioning, as it is minimalist in design and doesn’t disrupt the style of your home. The ducts are connected to outlets strategically placed throughout your home.

This ensures all essential areas have access to cooling via one centralised point. A fan within the cooling unit draws in air from outside and passes it through a set of moist pads, which cools and filters the air to a more comfortable temperature for your home. The fresh, chilled air then flows through the ducting into important living areas. The expert team at iBreeze uses its combined 50 years of experience too.

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Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning

What areas are
ducted evaporative
systems best for?

Ducted evaporative cooling systems are best suited for areas with low humidity and hot temperatures, like Australia. These systems work by drawing hot air from outside and transforming it through a series of moistened pads, cooling the air. This method relies on the air’s moisture, so it’s most effective in dryer climates.

Ducted evaporative air conditioners are designed to keep an entire space cool, such as a home, office or large building. The fresh air is spread out through the space via a network of ducts. Distributing the cool fresh air through a large space. For this reason, evaporative coolers aren’t usually recommended for those looking just to cool the air temperature in one room; rather, a ducted air conditioning system is best for providing a cooling effect, using outside air for your entire space.

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Benefits of Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning

What are the
benefits of ducted
evaporative air
conditioning system?

There are many advantages to using an evaporative cooling system. Evaporative cooling utilises the natural process of evaporation, which cools the air with water for a refreshing sea breeze-like cooling within your home. In addition, refrigerated cooling requires a closed system to maintain a temperature, whereas evaporative cooling requires leaving windows and doors open. This is because evaporative works best when the air coming in is hotter and constantly replenishes old air within your house, dispersing germs and odours.

This method of cooling is also not drying, so it will not bother your skin or irritate your eyes. The running costs of your evaporative air conditioning system are probably the biggest selling point. The evaporative units can cool your whole home for as little as 10 cents per hour! If you want to talk about our range of systems, such as the popular Kaden air con, reach out to the friendly team at iBreeze today on (08) 9534 9491

Ducted evaporative air conditioning system service

How often should
you get your
evaporative air
conditioning system

We recommend having your evaporative air conditioner cleaned at least once a year. Evaporative air conditioning systems require maintenance to ensure that they continue running smoothly; it’s best to call in an expert to check on all the individual parts, like the filter pads, to make sure there are no blockages to your system.

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Why choose iBreeze for ducted evaporative air conditioning installation?

Our team of friendly and experienced professionals is available to assist you with your evaporative air conditioner installation. The models we offer are from leading brands, so you can be sure you’ll get a quality air conditioner that meets your needs. We have a wide selection of products from top brands to keep you cool this summer.

Our company provides the best air conditioning service in Mandurah and its surrounding areas. As a locally owned and operated company, we are familiar with the area. Our team knows what works best in Mandurah’s climate. We also serve the broader Perth metropolitan area.

Our local team is confident in recommending the best air conditioning system, solar power set-up, or wood heating solution for your home or business, whether you are building, renovating, or simply upgrading.

We don’t hire pushy sales reps who are trying to make a quota, but we hire locals who know what you need and how to achieve it.

By buying directly from the manufacturer, we can provide you with competitive prices while still providing quality service. From $1500 installed, we offer the lowest up-front costs for refrigerated air conditioning.

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As the leading air conditioning specialist in Mandurah, iBreeze is here to assist with your air conditioning needs, including ducted evaporative air conditioning. Don’t hesitate to reach out today to explore our cooling solutions for your home.