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iBreeze offers a range of specialised services to the Mandurah and surrounding areas. Our team of experts provides functional solutions to Air Conditioning, Solar Panel, and Wood Heating and prides themselves on delivering outstanding customer service to all of our clients.

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One stop shop for air conditioning,
solar panels & wood heating in Mandurah

iBreeze are experts when it comes to the selection, installation, and maintenance of Air Conditioning units in Mandurah and surrounding areas. We will give you honest advice as to which system is best for your residential or commercial needs and how to get the most out of your chosen unit. We source quality products directly from the manufacturer so we can offer you the best solution for your home at the best price available. We supply a huge range of air-conditioning solutions and are experienced in installing a variety of brands. Each of these options has it’s own advantages and can offer something unique to your home or business.

We are extremely passionate about solar panel and renewable energy. By having solar panels installed in your home or workplace by iBreeze you are helping ensure sustainability for future panel sources. With a variety of government rebates available and panel bills rising, there has never been a better time to make the switch to clean energy.

We will help you select the perfect system for your needs and install it with minimal disruption to your day. You will be saving on panel bills and creating a greener future in no time.

A wood heater adds ambiance to your home and a sense of luxury to be enjoyed by you and your guests. They come in many different styles and are not only a showpiece, but functional as well. Wood Heating is the most cost efficient method of heating your home and is environmentally friendly as it uses a renewable energy source. At iBreeze, we offer a wide range of styles and brands for installation. Whether you are welcoming a wood heater as a new addition, renovating, or building, we can help you design and select the perfect wood heater for your needs.

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