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Looking for an energy efficient hot water system for your home or business? iBreeze specialises in high quality solar hot water systems from Mandurah to Perth. Plus, we’ll help you take advantage of the government solar rebates on offer so you can save more upfront.

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Solar Hot Water Mandurah
Solar Hot Water Installation

Why install a Solar hot water system?

Heating water is one of the biggest energy costs for Australian households, and a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. And for many small businesses, water heating bills contribute significantly to overhead costs. Investing in solar energy is the best way to reduce your energy costs, cut down on carbon emissions and reap long term benefits.

With an abundance of sunlight year round, it makes sense for properties in Perth and Mandurah to switch to solar hot water systems. Heat your water with clean, free energy from the sun and you could reap significant yearly savings on your energy bills. In fact, solar water heating uses at least 60% less electricity than a gas or electric hot water system.

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Solar Hot Water For Mandurah Homes And Business

Discounts on solar hot water systems for
WA homes and small businesses

If you’re looking to invest in a solar hot water system in Mandurah or Perth, you could be eligible for a significant discount. Thanks to the generous government rebates available for solar hot water and iStore heat pump technologies, switching to solar water heaters is more affordable than ever.

Simply ask the iBreeze team about how much discount you can get upfront. Our customers save about $1,000 on average when they purchase and install a new system with us.

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Solar Hot Water Systems Mandurah

How does a hot water system work?

Solar hot water systems use energy from the sun to heat water. In a typical rooftop system, cold water from the storage tank flows through pipes in the solar collectors, picking up heat energy that the collector panels have absorbed from the sun. The heated water is returned to the hot water tank, rising to the top ready for use.

Our modern solar hot water systems also come with a gas or electric booster that kicks in if there isn’t enough sun to meet your hot water needs. So you can be sure you’ll never be without hot water on demand.

Find out more: How does a solar hot water system work?

Note: Solar hot water systems don’t generate electricity– they’re simply responsible for heating water. If you’re interested in powering your whole home with solar power, check out our affordable solar panel systems.

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Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water systems by iBreeze

At iBreeze, we offer a range of high quality, affordable solar hot water systems. Whether you want efficient water heating for a large family or an affordable system for a small household, we’ve got a solution for every budget.

  • Roof mount solar hot water system

Roof mount solar hot water systems are an efficient and reliable choice. Installed on your roof, they save space at ground level while maximising the amount of sunlight available throughout the year. Our roof mount systems come with an electric or gas booster, as well as frost protection and excellent weatherproofing.

Find out more about our roof mount solar hot water systems.

  • iStore Heat Pumps

The iStore heat pump system is a smart, energy efficient solution for hot water heating. Instead of collecting solar energy through solar panels, the iStore heat pump extracts heat energy from the surrounding air. This means they work day and night in most weather conditions. For very cold weather, an electric backup system will ensure you’re never out of hot water.

Maximise the energy saving potential of the iStore heat pump by syncing it with a solar power system. Any excess power your solar system generates will be offset to the iStore– a smart energy storage system to maximise energy efficiency in your home.

Find out more about the iStore Heat Pump.

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Solar Hot Water Systems By iBreeze

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