Solar panels Mandurah, Rockingham

Solar Panels Mandurah,
Rockingham – Perth

With energy prices skyrocketing, there’s never been a better time to switch to solar power. A solar panel system can slash your energy bill by 50-80% and usually pays for itself in 2-4 years. We offer Tier 1 solar systems tailored to your home’s energy needs and can guide you on claiming government rebates to cut the upfront cost.

We’re dedicated to helping Aussie homeowners save their money and the environment, from Mandurah to Perth, including Rockingham and Baldivis. Speak with our friendly team today for a no-obligation quote on your solar panels and go greener with iBreeze.

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Solar Panels Mandurah
Solar Panel Installation

Why opt for solar panel installation?

There are two main benefits for homeowners to install solar panels in their homes. Firstly, depending on your energy usage, solar can help you save hundreds on your energy bill by producing free electricity from the sun. Secondly, solar PV energy is a renewable power source and helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Other benefits to installing solar include increasing your property’s value, stabilising your energy costs into the future, getting paid for exporting power to the grid and receiving government rebates to help reduce the cost of the system.

The value of your property will increase as potential buyers are increasingly looking for homes with existing systems, providing them with heavily reduced bills. That’s why it’s important to work with an installer that only installs high-quality solar systems, using Tier 1 technology, and accredited installers.

You can get paid from the grid when you export excess solar energy. This can occur when your system produces more energy than your home requires. Depending on the agreement with your energy provider and the time of day, you can receive between $0.03 and $0.10 per kilowatt. Better yet, the government will contribute thousands towards your system if you install solar. This grant is widely known as the solar rebate, or technically, the small-scale technology certificate program.

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Solar Panels for WA Homes & Businesses

Discounts on solar panels for WA homes and small businesses

Many homeowners in Australia aren’t aware that they could be eligible to receive thousands in government grants when they install solar. For example, the small-scale technology certificate program allows a solar installer to discount the price of their system and pass these savings on to the homeowner, reducing the overall cost of the system.

By working with a solar installer accredited by the Clean Energy Council, like iBreeze, you can be assured your system is installed correctly and that your home will qualify for the solar rebate.

Click here to see our complete guide to the government rebate in WA.

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How do solar panels work

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels work by turning the light into electricity via the photovoltaic effect. This is why solar panels are called PV panels. Solar panels contain many solar cells made of silicon and doped with negatively and positively charged chemicals. 

When light hits the silicon cell, it creates a voltage and, ultimately, an electric current, which flows through to your home. Solar panels are organised into solar arrays or strings. These strings provide enough energy to power your home.

Firstly, however, this direct current (DC) power must go through your solar inverter. A solar inverter is responsible for inverting the power into alternating current of AC power, which is what we use in our homes.

To read more: What Is A Solar Inverter?

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Range Of Solar Panels

Our Range of Solar Power Systems in Mandurah

At iBreeze, our team is licensed to install a range of solar power solutions, such as:

To learn more about each of our solar panels, get in touch with our team and we can schedule a consultation.

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Solar Panel Frequently Asked Questions

Solar power harnesses the sun’s heat and light to generate electricity or heat water and air. It’s a type of clean, renewable energy, meaning it comes from an inexhaustible natural source—the sun.

Yes, solar panels can significantly reduce your electricity bills and increase your property’s value. With various government incentives and rebates available in Australia, the initial investment can be offset, making solar panels a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Savings depend on your energy usage, the size of your solar system, and local electricity rates. On average, households can save hundreds of dollars annually on their electricity bills.

Yes, solar panels can still generate electricity on cloudy or rainy days, though their efficiency may be reduced. They are most effective in direct sunlight but can still produce power in diffuse light conditions.

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Most solar panels come with a warranty of 25-30 years and can last even longer with proper maintenance. Over time, their efficiency may slightly decrease, but they will continue to generate electricity for many years.

Solar Panels

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