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Are you looking for a cost effective way to beat the heat? Split System Air Conditioning Mandurah may be your ideal solution to keep your space cool during blazing summers, and double as heating during the colder months.

Here in Australia, the climate means having a premium quality air conditioner is an absolute must-have. As we all know, air conditioners are magic for keeping us cool in warm weather. But why opt for a split system, and what are the other benefits of installing a split system air conditioner in your home or business?

Wall Split Systems are becoming a favourite air conditioning choice for residents in Mandurah and Perth. Here’s why.

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Split System Air Conditioning Mandurah
How Does Wall Split System Air Conditioning Work

How does
wall split system
air conditioning work?

Split system air conditioners consist of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. (Hence the ‘split’). Heat is absorbed by the indoor unit, while cold air is pumped into it by the outdoor unit. Two units are connected through insulated tubes that are piped through a wall hole. You can use split systems to cool or heat one area or room in your home at a time.

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What Areas Are Split Systems Best For

What areas are split system air conditioners best for?

Split system air conditioners are usually best suited to areas of your home that are separated from the rest of the house. For example, in bedrooms with closed doors or in a lounge room or central room that is shut off from the rest of the house. They may not work as effectively in large open plan areas.

Within the room, it’s best to install your split system air conditioner towards the middle of the room; this helps the system to effectively cool down your space. Other tips include installing it higher in the room (as hot air rises).

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Installation Of Split System Air Conditioner

What are the benefits of split system air conditioning installation?

Split systems are efficient, sleek, and are ideal for heating and cooling a single room.

If you don’t need or have the budget for ducted reverse cycle air conditioners and just want to control the temperature in one room, wall split systems are the perfect solution.

Despite their small size, wall split system air conditioning can quickly cool or heat any area. Their power varies depending on the size of the room in which they are installed, but they generally provide a temperature of 18-30 degrees.

By filtering the air, these systems can also improve your family’s health. In addition to offering comfort to those with asthma or other breathing issues, clean air helps prevent allergies and sore throats.

Price effective — Along with being one of the most affordable style of air conditioning unit, split system air conditioning installation is quick and easy to install, resulting in an overall lower price point.

Ease of use — You will be able to control the temperature, fan speed, and timer at the touch of a button.

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Split System Air Conditioning Service

How often should you get your split system air conditioner serviced?

You should have your split system air conditioner serviced once a year. Servicing is particularly important before high-use seasons, such as the Aussie summer. So if possible, try to organise your air conditioning service with iBreeze prior to the warmer weather.

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Contact iBreeze for split system air conditioning installation

Get in contact with our friendly and expert team to organise your split system installation today. Whether you are looking for smaller units for bedrooms or hoping for a solution to keep your whole living room cool — we are ready to help. No matter what model you are looking for, we work with leading brands to bring you a quality product that will meet your air conditioning needs. So keep multiple rooms cool this summer with our wide range of products from the best brands.

When it comes to Mandurah and its surrounding areas, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best service. Locally owned and operated, we know our way around town. Moreover, we know what works best for the Mandurah climate. Additionally, we service the broader Perth metropolitan area.

You can trust our local team to confidently recommend which Mandurah air conditioning system, solar power set-up, or wood heating solution will be best for your family or business, whether you are building, renovating, or just making a few upgrades.

At iBreeze, you won’t find pushy sales representatives trying to make a quota, but locals just like you who understand your needs and know how to achieve your desired outcome.

We buy direct from the manufacturer, which helps to ensure that you’re getting competitive prices while still getting the quality service that we are known for. We offer the cheapest up-front costs for refrigerated air conditioning from $1500 installed.

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