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January 6, 2020

How to Save Money on your Air Conditioning Bill this Summer

Author: Lance Wiggers

Summer is here, and we’ve already had a few really hot days to give us a taste of what’s we can expect. Even though it’s been perfect temperature inside your home or office with the air conditioning system running, paying for the running costs isn’t something we look forward too.

During the Summer months, the average Aussie will leave the aircon running for 4 – 5 hours per day, adding up to $400 to their summer bi-monthly bill. Would you like to know how to save money on your air conditioning bill?

Air Conditioning Bill Save Money

By making a few simple changes to your air conditioning usage, you could save yourself between $100 – $200 on cooling costs alone this summer!

Choose the right cooling for your home

Depending on how your home is laid out, some air con options may be more effective than others. If you have a well insulated, shaded and draught-proofed home, the smaller and more economical your air conditioning system should be.

Air Conditioning calculators can help identify the best cooling option for your home, based on your location, house size and which rooms need cooling. Cooling options include mechanical units such as fans, evaporative air conditioners or refrigerated air conditioning systems.

Check your energy rating

Air conditioners vary significantly when it comes to energy consumption, so make sure you investigate before purchasing. Air Conditioning systems are included in the Energy Rating System, which rates systems from one to six depending on their how energy efficient they are. Make sure you purchase the right size air con system for your home or office as well. Clients often purchase aircon systems that are too powerful or not powerful enough for their application, costing them unnecessary money in the process.

Clean the filters

If really want to save money on your air conditioning bill there are simple service checks you can do yourself that’ll help. If your air conditioning system filter is clogged with dust and dirt, it will have to work much harder to pump out decent airflow. In some circumstances, it can cause bigger issues like icing up and not working at all. Try to give the filters a clean every couple of months as a minimum to ensure optimal efficiency

Adjust your temperature

Each degree of thermostat temperature can increase your electricity consumption by as much as 10 per cent. By adding a couple of extra degrees to your preferred temperature, you can save up to 20 per cent on your next bill. We recommend that you set the temperature to around 25 degrees in the Summer. This will ensure your house or office maintains a comfortable temperature without increasing up your electricity usage.

Pre-cool when possible

If you know you’re in for a scorcher, pre-cool your home or office the night before by opening your windows. If you have good insulation, the cooler temperature air will be held inside the following day, minimising stress on your air conditioning system. Please make sure to close the windows once it starts to heat up though – you don’t want your cool air to go to waste.

Using window protection such as blinds or curtains can also be a very effective way of keeping your home or office cooler during the summer. By helping reduce the overall temperature of your house by as much as three or four degrees. Shade cloths or window tint are also a good idea for reducing the sun’s glare and keeping internal temperatures at bay.

Use a fan

Fans are not only cheap to run, they also produce the lowest greenhouse gas emissions out of all cooling products and can help reduce the temperature of the rooms. Again, please make sure to check your fan’s electricity efficiency before purchasing as models range from 50W to over 150W.

Install Solar Power

If you haven’t already done this it is by far the best way to reduce your daytime running costs. Here at iBreeze we specialise in solar power also so can give you free advice and size up the correct system for your home. If you have solar power installed, the energy the solar power system is producing during daylight hours can be used directly to run your air conditioning system.

We hope these tactics help you to reduce the cost of cooling your home this summer and if you need any advice please contact our team at iBreeze!

Lance Wiggers
Lance Wiggers is the founder and managing director of iBreeze, having started the company back in 2016. His expertise spreads across air conditioning services, solar power and wood heating to provide customers with a more comfortable living or working space. Lance's tailored approach means he always chooses the solution best for your specific situation. You might have the pleasure of dealing with Lance as your first point of contact when you enquire with the iBreeze team!
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