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February 13, 2019

How to Choose the Best Solar Panels in Mandurah

Author: Lance Wiggers

Many people are now installing domestic solar panels in Mandurah and Perth. Mandurah homeowners that are interested in this technology can find a great deal of conflicting information. Solar panels have evolved a great deal in recent years, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest developments. In this article, we will take a closer look at how you can choose the best quality solar panels Mandurah for your home.

Solar Panels Mandurah Installation

A Solar Panel Primer

A solar panel work by producing electricity when it’s hit by sunlight, and this is called the photovoltaic effect. This is then converted into direct current (DC) electrical energy before an inverter changes it to an alternating current (AC) that the electrical circuits in our homes can use. If there is any excess energy left over it can be stored in your battery storage system or fed into the electrical grid.

Most of the solar cells manufactured today are made from silicon, multiple cells will be grouped together to create a solar module or as it’s more commonly referred to a solar panel. The cells are connected together; sandwiched with a backing plate and a protective glass front. The solar panel is then mounted in an aluminium frame, and in a typical installation, several panels will be installed together to create an array.

There are different types of solar panels available for Mandurah homes, most of those used in a domestic capacity are either multi-crystalline or mono-crystalline. There are vital technical differences to these two solar panel types, but as a homeowner, it’s more important to consider them in more practical ways, such as the purchase price, power output, and the warranties offered.

Working Out Your Energy Needs

Some people approach solar power generation in a back to front fashion. The best way to begin is to evaluate your needs first, and then you can avoid buying equipment that you may not need. Start by working out how much electricity you use and when you use that power. As a benchmark, a typical family home may use around 20kW of energy each day, which would require a 5kW solar power installation Mandurah system. There are solar sizing guides available, or you can contact iBreeze for expert advice.

Building a Solar Power Array

As we mentioned earlier, solar panels Mandurah are arranged together to create an array. The power output of the array as a whole is more important than the number of panels used and their size. Each solar panel has a nominal power rating and the higher this is, the fewer panels that you will need in the array. A higher output solar panel will cost more than a lower output alternative. So, if you have a lot of available roof space, you could get a similar power output compared to a smaller and more expensive system by using more lower output ( and cheaper) solar panels. Each solar panel will typically cover an area of 1.6 sqm, but the actual dimensions can vary.

If they are looking for high quality solar panels, Mandurah based residents should contact iBreeze for expert advice.

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