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September 17, 2019

Air Conditioning Mandurah Recommendations

Author: Lance Wiggers

Mandurah air conditioning options are abundant! However with the unique landscape we live in, there are particular recommendations we push so our clients are happy with their purchase for many years to come.

Mandurah Air Conditioning Recommendation

Mandurah is unique because we are surrounded by water! We have the ocean and the estuary all interconnected with a canal system. Due to the large masses of water surrounding us, on hot days we tend to get quite humid and muggy weather. Humidity is a known issue for ducted evaporative air conditioning systems. This is because the evaporative air con unit will actually put more water into the conditioned air before it enters your home! this can leave you with wet floors, walls and benches. Here are our recommendations to beat the humid weather through Summer –

Evaporative Air Conditioning Mandurah – Evaporative air con systems do have an unbelievably low running cost (from as little as 8 cents per hour). Therefore they are still a popular options for many people. Due to the issues with evaporative air conditioning and humidity we do recommend clients look at purchasing a refrigerated wall split system for their open living room. This way, when it becomes to muggy running the evap system they can turn it off, close the windows and run the wall split refrigerated air conditioner instead. Another advantage with the wall split air conditioner is that it will also heat this area through Winter!

Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning Mandurah – Arguably the best way to heat and cool your entire home in Mandurah! The ducted systems will allow you to heat and cool your home to desired temperature no matter what the atmospheric conditions outside. We can also add zone systems so you can isolate rooms and choose to only heat or cool the particular rooms you are using at any given time.

If you want more info on our recommendations for Mandurah air conditioning please contact our team!

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