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January 10, 2019

3 Myths of Split System Air Conditioning: Mandurah Expert Advice

Author: Lance Wiggers

Many people invest their money into a split system air conditioning to improve their indoor comfort levels. However, everyone wants to maintain their comfort without spending too much money on energy bills. Running your AC system doesn’t have to be too expensive if you follow some simple tips. In this article, we will look at three air conditioning myths including running costs and separate the fact from the fiction.

Wall Split Air Conditioning

A Ceiling Fan Will Cool a Room Effectively

Many people believe that a ceiling fan will be just as effective as an air conditioning system. This is simply not true; a fan cannot cool the air down, it can only move it around. If the room is hot, the fan will just move hot air around, and the room will not feel any cooler. However, a fan will work well if it’s used with an AC system. If the air is cooled the fan can be used to distribute it throughout the room. When cooled air is moving around it will make people in the home feel cooler in general. A ceiling fan is also cheaper to run than an AC system, so if you raise the temperature a few degrees, you will still feel cooler if a fan is circulating the air.

If You Set a Lower Temperature the Room Will Cool Faster

There is a common belief that setting a very low temperature on a thermostat will make the home cool down faster. This isn’t true, the air conditioner system will cool or heat a room to the required temperature and when it’s reached it will turn off. If the initial temperature is set too low, you will need to turn it back up later because the room will be far too cold later. Using an AC system in this way is extremely energy inefficient, and it will have to work far harder.

An AC System is Too Expensive to Run

Well, this could be true to a certain extent if you’re running your AC system in an inefficient way. In fact, modern air conditioning mandurah systems are very energy efficient, and there are many models available to suit your home. Let’s take a look at a couple of typical examples of air conditioning costs.

Let’s say that you have a larger room of around 60 sqm that you want to cool. This size of room could be effectively cooled by an 8kW split system AC system that would probably cost between $110 and $125 to run each year. This would be based on a use of around 300 hours, and it may vary depending on your particular electricity prices.

If you have a ducted air conditioning to cool the entire home, it will obviously be more expensive to run compared to a single room. It could cost somewhere between $0.60 to $2.68 per hour, which may add up to an annual cost between $680 to $800.

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