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May 30, 2018

Refrigerated Air Conditioning Mandurah

Author: Lance Wiggers

It’s an interesting time in the refrigerated air conditioning industry throughout the Mandurah region. We have seen times change in regards to purchases of ducted air conditioning systems for residential installations. Almost all homes that are built now days come supplied with an air conditioning system from the builder. Clients think they are getting a good deal by combining the air conditioning system with the build however it is quite the opposite.

Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Builders are the most ruthless of negotiators and the majority of them are not loyal to their suppliers either. Builders basically get the cheapest possible price on the systems from air conditioning companies and then add a healthy 15% margin for ‘supervision’. This 15% works out to approximately two thousand dollars for the average four by two homes. Little do the clients know that supervision is simply not required on single story homes and normally the only supervision for two story homes is a simple phone call once the roof goes on to let the supplier know the pre-duct needs to be booked in.

We at iBreeze want to be as open and clear as possible to our potential clients. We understand that building a home is a very costly exercise and we encourage people to contact reputable air conditioning mandurah companies and get a price direct to compare with the builders pricing. This can potentially save you thousands of dollars that you could spend on other finishes for your new home or even a holiday once it’s completed!

Builders have started to literally suck the air conditioning industry dry by removing around fifty percent of potential clients from purchasing direct from air conditioning businesses. We have seen many air conditioning companies forced to downscale or even close their doors especially over the past two years. Fortunately iBreeze don’t rely heavily on air conditioning and we specialise in a variety of awesome products for your new house like solar power, solar hot water, wood and gas log fires.

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning is not only a great investment but it is also the best way to heat and cool your entire home. Our systems also come with many awesome new features that builders don’t normally offer as they are looking to make as much mark up as possible. Some features we offer are complete control of your new system from your smartphone or tablet. We have a variety of vents and diffusers available to match your modern new home. We have airflow control and temperature control to each room available so every person in the home can have the perfect
comfort level.

In summary, whilst it seems easy to include an air conditioning system from your builder there are financial advantages and additional features that makes an obligation free quote from iBreeze a very good option for your new home.

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