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September 21, 2018

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

Author: Lance Wiggers

Ducted air conditioning is a popular choice for year-round comfort in many homes. A ducted system is flexible, providing heating and cooling solutions for your home. There are many considerations to take into account when choosing a new ducted air conditioning system, such as the size and design of your home; the number of occupants and the location.

Ducted air conditioning installation and service done professionally is essential to increase the lifespan and efficiency of your unit. With so many air conditioning companies available, the choice can be overwhelming, so taking the time to make the right decision will ensure that you get the best service as well as the best price.

Ducted Air Conditioning System

Choose Experienced and Qualified Installers

Not all ducted air conditioning installation providers are equal. If your air conditioner is not installed correctly this can result in a system that doesn’t run to its full potential. You may also end up with a system that has poor efficiency and a shorter lifespan. Over time this can result in more energy use and repairs, which ends up costing you more.

How Ducted Air Conditioners Work

Ducted air conditions generate cool air from the outdoor unit. This is connected to an indoor fan coil that is hidden in the roof space along with the ducts. The cool air is sent through the ductwork and into the home via vents in each room. Some systems allow zoning. Zoning allows you to control which rooms are cooled or heated giving you more control over the temperature in each room.

Maintaining You Ducted Air Conditioner

Ducted air conditioning service which is done on a regular basis is vital to improve efficiency and keep your system running well for many years. Not only this, servicing you air conditioner prevents the build-up of dust, bacteria and mould keeping the circulating air fresh and healthy for all of the building occupants.

An important part to be kept clean is the filter. If your air conditioner filter begins to collect dust this can slow the air flow which causes your system to work harder. As a result, this will increase running costs and affect temperature regulation.

Many people wait until the air conditioner has problems before getting it serviced. This can result in a poorly maintained system which may result in unnecessary repairs. By maintaining your air conditioner, you may be able to prevent small problem becoming costly repairs if they are caught early.

Why Regular Services Are Beneficial:

  • Reduces energy use.
  • Maintain a healthy air flow.
  • Reduces the risk of breakdown.
  • Maintain efficiency.
  • Increases the lifespan of your air conditioner.

There are many reasons to maintain your ducted air conditioning system. You will save money by increasing efficiency and avoid potentially expensive repairs. And by keeping the filters clean you can maintain a healthy environment for you and your family. Choosing a reliable air conditioning mandurah company for your new installation may seem difficult with all the choices available. However, you can rely on the professional team at iBreeze to install your new system and to help you maintain it so that you can enjoy year-round comfort and reliability.

Tips for a Smoother Installation Process

It’s essential that you choose the right air conditioning specialist to carry out the installation to ensure that you get the cooling and heating that you need. A bad installation can make the system far less effective, and the energy efficiency could be compromised.

1. Choose a Qualiy Local Professional Company

Some people cut corners by hiring less than competent individuals or companies to save money. This is a false economy, although it may seem like they are saving money this is not the case in reality. These types of installation often go wrong and then the installer disappears without a trace. A bad installation will not be energy efficient, and this can really drive up an electricity bill. A professional air conditioning company will have all the experience and equipment to carry out a great job. They will ensure that your system is appropriately sized for your home and safe to use.

2. Understand Energy Efficiency Ratings

When you use a professional heating and air conditioning technician, they will be able to explain how energy efficiency ratings work. The AC system that you choose should have an Energy Star label and a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating(SEER) rating. For domestic applications, a SEER rating of at least 14 is recommended, and if you need the most energy-efficient system available, this could even be as high as 20. The Energy Star rating is a sign that your system is designed to be energy efficient. This type of equipment is often more expensive to purchase initially, but it will pay for itself over time with lower energy bills.

3. Involve Your AC Technician Early

The AC technician that you want to use should be involved in the process as early as possible. They should be consulted early so that they can help you to choose the right size of system to suit your home. Many people simply buy the biggest system that they can afford, but this is a flawed strategy that will not work. An AC system that’s too large for the home can short cycle, and this will cause it to wear out quickly. It’s a better idea to get some expert advice and buy a more modest sized system that suits your needs perfectly.

4. Get Regular Maintenance

Once you have your new AC system installed it’s a great idea to schedule regular maintenance for the beginning of each cooling and heating season. Equipment that’s well maintained is less likely to break down, more energy efficient and it will have a longer lifespan. When you add these potential saving up, the cost of an AC service pales in comparison.

If you need any further assistance with your air conditioning maintenance please call us on 95349491 or email us at – admin@ibreeze.com.au

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